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The Face 2 Face Archery Tournament Amsterdam will not be organized in 2016. Neither will it be organized in the near future. The organization committee has decided this due to a combination of different factors.

The F2F has always been a great tournament. The tournament concept, the organization, participants, voluntueers, sponsors and partners have always been great.

We have enjoyed the F2F tournaments in Amsterdam a lot and we know archers from all over the world loved the tournament concept and the high quality of organization.

But after many great and very succesfull tournaments the time has come to stop. We hope and we will fully support any other organization willing to take over the F2F Archery Tournament concept. CAT foundation will support organizing committees in every way possible. This can for example be warnings for unreliable partners and lessons learned like our expierences with SkyArt Archery, or expierences with very good partners in our professional sport we like so much. We are open for sharing our best practizes and knowledge.

If you have any please contact the organisation using This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We like to thank everybody who has ever been involved with the Face 2 Face Archery tournaments in Amsterdam! You all made it happen!!!

Kind regards,
CAT foundation

Unreliable partner Skyart Archery Switzerland

What must an organizing committee do to get a sponsor and booth renter like SkyArt Archery Switzerland to pay a bill from 2012?

We called, e-mailed many many times and tried everything possible to get SkyArt Archery to pay a bill of 650 euro's, which is allready a 50% discount due to lack of agreed services from the F2F organization, as complained by Skyart Archery CEO A. van Drunen.

The Amsterdam Face 2 Face Archery Tournament is lost and very dissapointed in this company.Skyart Archery Switzerland is one of the reasons the CAT foundation will not organize any Face 2 Face Archery Tournaments anymore in the future. 

Winners 2012

Compound Men

1 Reo Wilde (USA)
2 Duncan Busby (GBR)
3 Braden Gellenthien (USA)
4 Dave Cousins (USA)

Compound Women

1 Naomi Ruth Jones (GBR)
2 Ivana Buden (CRO)
3 Kristina Berger (GER)
4 Runa Grydeland (NOR)

Recurve Men

1 Carlo Schmitz (GER)
2 Sebastian Rohrberg (GER)
3 Sjef van den Berg (NED)
4 Daniel Hartmann (GER)

Recurve Women

1 Annemarie der Kinderen (NED)
2 Elena Richter (GER)
3 Anne Marie Laursen (DEN) 
4 Louise Klingenberg Laursen (DEN)

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    Results F2F Archery Tournament - Day 2   08.30 – 10.00     Recurve Men– Elimination round 1 Matches Results ==> Group assignment next round (17 Read More
  • Results Friday 16 Nov +

    Results F2F Archery Tournament - Day 1    08.30 – 10.00     Recurve Women – Elimination round 1 Matches Results   ==> Group assignment Read More
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